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About Us

From the Founder
We are a small CBD Product Manufacturer based in the beautiful City of Monte Vista, Colorado. We are focused on providing direct to manufacturer accessibility of high quality products, handcrafted with care in a sterile environment by our owner at our own infusion lab. Founded in 2019 the company and brand has had its ups and downs amidst the covid pandemic, we're simplifying and adjusting some things in an effort to remain in business without raising prices or diluting our products quality. Thank you for sticking with us over the years, love and good vibes. ⎯⎯ Jeremy Beebe
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New CBD Cart Options

New 1.5g Disposable CBD Cart w/ USB port to recharge, ensuring you get to use every last puff of the yummy terpene blasted CBD goodness. Did I mention new the strains?
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Whats New at Hempvada

In the rocky wake of the covid-19 pandemic, some website integration failures, and general traction issues Hempvada (Beebe Family Farm LLC) is taking a simpler and more focused approach to its business structure, CBD product line and manufacturing processes listed below: - Removed a Lot of CBD Products - Added a Couple New CBD Products - Added On-Site CBD Wholesale - Faster, Newer, & Easier to Use eComm - Changed Methods of Contact - New Partnership Opportunities - New Policies

Payment Info

All Major Cards Accepted
We've had an excellent partnership with Square for years now. The provided us an option to accept your payments safe and securely for our CBD products using all major card companies and brands quite a while back when it seemed nobody else would.
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CBD for Dogs

Chicken Flavored CBD Oil for big dogs, small dogs, young dogs, old dogs, good dogs, (not so) good dogs and any other type of dog you can throw at us. An absolute must have for loud events like 4th of July, New Years, Super Bowl Parties and whenever else us Americans want to make some noise.

Delivery & Returns

Shipped by USPS Monday-Saturday
Online orders are shipped within 2 business days of order processing. Order processing may take up to 48 hours in total. Please be patient and check your email, including spam folders for updates from, email updates are sent automatically. Unopened and unused products are accepted for return during business hours within 14 days of product delivery by walk in or mail only. Refund will be made and processed within 7 business days of products return at our location.

Contact Us

We've had to cut back our staff quite a bit, and for that customer service has taken a slight hit. Please use email to contact us or walk into our store for assistance Monday through Saturday at the listed hours listed below.
Walk-Ins Accepted
229 Adams St Unit A Monte Vista Colorado 81144
CBD Store Hours
Monday - Friday 10:00 AM — 7:00 PM Saturday 10:00 AM — 6:00 PM Sunday (By Appoinment Only)